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Our talents recognized by Décideurs

  For the first time, our firm is referenced by Décideurs and Leaders League, and we are delighted to announce it. Here are the skills in which, in particular, our firm is recognized this year.

Force majeure, a legal remedy

  Can you invoke force majeure in your contracts due to the current health crisis? We thought it would be interesting to look into the subject. Indeed, the measures taken by the various governments to protect their nationals in this situation of world crisis entail impediments in the execution of the contracts in progress in … Continue reading “Force majeure, a legal remedy”

Where are you? Where are we?

  While the gradual lifting of lockdown is underway this week, many of you are resuming activities. We have been in close contact with some of you. How is the resumption of business going? Can we meet some of your new needs or expectations? Do not hesitate to contact us. As for us, after internal consultation, we … Continue reading “Where are you? Where are we?”

Increase in INPI and EPO official fees

France : Since April 1, 2020 the French PTO has posted its new applicable rates. While the official fees relating to the procedure for filing and granting a patent application remain unchanged, the annual fees for maintaining a patent have increased by 10€ for annuities from the 15th.   European Patent Office Likewise, the EPO has … Continue reading “Increase in INPI and EPO official fees”

France : Entry into force of administrative procedures for nullity and revocation

  The implementation of the measures provided for by the PACTE law continues with the entry into force, since April 1, 2020, of the procedures for the invalidity and forfeiture of marks before the French Trademark Office (INPI).These measures complement the means of acting against invalid or unused trademarks. Indeed, until now it was only … Continue reading “France : Entry into force of administrative procedures for nullity and revocation”

France : Entry into force of the patent opposition procedure

  Still stemming from the PACTE law, but on the patent side, April 1, 2020 also marks the launch of the patent opposition procedure, allowing a third party to request before the French Patent Office (INPI) the total or partial revocation of a patent issued as of from April 1, 2020. We announced it in … Continue reading “France : Entry into force of the patent opposition procedure”

Situation in France

Dear Clients and Colleagues, Safety, health and well-being of our clients and staff remain our priority. According to the governemental measures for Public Health, BRANDON IP’s offices will be closed for the public starting today. Nevertheless, our activity is maintained from home, and we have implemented procedures allowing us to continue working, while respecting confidentiality. … Continue reading “Situation in France”

Jeff Koons sentenced in France for copyright infringement

  In a judgment of December 17, 2019 the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the 2017 trial judgment that the sculpture Naked by Jeff Koons infringed the copyright of French photographer Jean-François Bauret. The company Jeff Koons LLC and the Pompidou Center which exhibited the contested work were ordered to pay 20,000 euros in damages … Continue reading “Jeff Koons sentenced in France for copyright infringement”

Brexit and intellectual property: a period of transition

Brexit and intellectual property: a period of transition The United Kingdom officially left the European Union on January 31st. As in many fields of activity, intellectual property has not yet been impacted since a transitional period has started during which the former member State must negotiate with the European Union on the terms of its … Continue reading “Brexit and intellectual property: a period of transition”

Creation of a patent opposition procedure in France

  The Minister of Economy and Finance presented Ordinance No. 2020-116 of February 12, 2020 which provides for the creation of a right of opposition to patents. This order, based on the so-called PACTE law, aims to allow third parties to administratively request from the French Patent Office (INPI) the revocation or modification of a … Continue reading “Creation of a patent opposition procedure in France”

EPO refuses patent application of AI inventor

  On 26 January 2020 the EPO rejected two European patent applications on the ground that the designated sole inventor, an AI system, did not fulfill the requirements of the EPC (European Patent Convention) accepting only human persons as inventors. The EPO states in the decision that AI systems or machines cannot be holders of … Continue reading “EPO refuses patent application of AI inventor”

Licensing activities by smes : evidence from EU trademarks owners

  During recent years, the EUIPO, European Union Intellectual Property Office has published several studies highlighting the virtuous cycle between IP and economic performance, with a special focus on SMEs. There is a new study that contributes to this narrative by examining the revenues that SMEs can derive from their EU Trade Marks by licensing … Continue reading “Licensing activities by smes : evidence from EU trademarks owners”

New internet website

  We announced it, it’s finally here! Our new website is now online: we wanted to bring you more content, more information about intellectual property, its valuation, our team, etc. Thus, it is deliberately more the substance which has been improved and completed than the appearance which has evolved. Your comments are always welcome.

Israel joins Hague System for Registering Industrial Designs

  As of January 3, 2020, foreign companies can designate Israel in their international design applications via the Hague System. Israeli companies and designers can also use this system to protect their industrial designs in Israel and/or in any of the other member countries of the Hague System. With the Hague System, designers and companies … Continue reading “Israel joins Hague System for Registering Industrial Designs”

The first sound trademark filed in France

     Since the transposition of the Trademark Package, it is possible to file at the French Trademark Office (INPI) sound, olfactory or taste marks. The first application for a non-traditional mark was filed on December 26, 2019. It is a sound mark, composed of an audio file.   It designates goods in class … Continue reading “The first sound trademark filed in France”

How to use China in the patent strategy of your company

  Most companies take into account the Chinese market in their filing strategy, even if they do not have business in this country. For companies in the digital and artificial intelligence fields, the choice of filing patents in this country may be relevant. This is the case if the patent application relates to software, in … Continue reading “How to use China in the patent strategy of your company”

BRANDON IP’s new website

After several months of work, we are getting ready to disclose the new version of our website. Making it more complete and clearer, we hope to provide you any necessary information for a better understanding of intellectual property and which services we can offer. See you online on October 2019 !

AIPPI Congress

BRANDON IP will be attending the World Congress of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property). It will take place in London from September 15 to September 18, 2019. Anne Lévy will be delighted to meet you and answer any question you may have regarding your IP portfolio, French or European IP matters … Continue reading “AIPPI Congress”

PACTE law : what is the impact on IP ?

The bill on growth and transformation of companies (PACTE) was recently adopted by the French parliament. What’s the real impact in terms of IP ? Here is a recap of the main measures that should come into effect soon : • Implementation of an administrative opposition proceeding for patents delivered by the French Patent Office. • Creation of … Continue reading “PACTE law : what is the impact on IP ?”

Do you watch ?

Many companies file and register trademarks and don’t worry any more until the date of the next renewal ten years from then. If some of your clients do not understand or perceive the interest of this service, we can offer you a free test of 6 months for each trademark filed by our firm in … Continue reading “Do you watch ?”

Legal victory of IP attorneys for representing their clients in seizures

The French High Court recently rendered an important decision giving right to the CNCPI and the ACPI as they were searching to recognize the IP attorney as legitimate when it comes to seizures. Among others the Court of Appeal stated that « IP attorneys cannot, without necessarily violating the principle of impartiality […] be designated as … Continue reading “Legal victory of IP attorneys for representing their clients in seizures”

INTA is coming

Anne LEVY and Severine FITOUSSI will be attending the next INTA Conference in Boston from Saturday 18 May 2019 to Wednesday 22 May 2019. We are glad to enjoy this opportunity of meeting with actual and future clients and colleagues to strengthen and/or build business relationship. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


People around you have one and only topic of conversation, your employees take days-off on broadcasting days ? Guess what we talking about ? The final season of Game of Thrones obviously. Be safe, this news does not contain any spoiler. We do not know who will end on the iron throne, but we have … Continue reading “SPOILER ALERT”

Patent law and employees’ inventions

In 2004, a company filed a French patent application for a “portable device for detecting, alerting and transmitting information relating to a natural person”. An engineer was recruited in 2006 to carry out the development of this process, then fired for economic reasons. The employer company being wound up and its intangible asset being assigned, … Continue reading “Patent law and employees’ inventions”

Well-known trademark and fair motive don’t go together well

A recent decision from the French High Court focused on the application of article L.713-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code regarding the attempt to a notorious trademark. The case was opposing Mrs Virginie Taittinger to the TAITTINGER company. The first one assigned her company shares and undertook not to use the name TAITTINGER directly … Continue reading “Well-known trademark and fair motive don’t go together well”

A new partnership with OL&DI CONSULTING

With a view to always provide our customers with services that complement our activities, within a network of qualified partners, we are pleased to announce that a partnership with the firm OL&DI has been formalized. As a strategic and operational consulting company positioned on the financing of R&D and innovation, OL&DI’s fields of expertise are: … Continue reading “A new partnership with OL&DI CONSULTING”

Intellectual property seen by European citizens

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has carried out a study entitled “European citizens and intellectual property: perception, awareness and behavior”. This is an update of the first study on the perception of intellectual property (IP) published in 2013 which also aims to put the results into perspective. Here we give you some highlights: The percentage … Continue reading “Intellectual property seen by European citizens”

A piece of art created with AI sold on auction sales

You may not know Edmond de Belamy, gentleman represented on this painting sold at Christie’s New York. He is not the reason of the price obtained for this painting (432 000 US dollars). This lord of Belamy was created entirely by the French collective Obvious, thanks to artificial intelligence. The high price was the result of … Continue reading “A piece of art created with AI sold on auction sales”

Protection of business secrecy

Following the adoption by the Senate on June 21st of the proposal for a law transposing the European Directive on business secrecy, let’s sum up. For the record, this initiative of the European Parliament aimed to protect the intangible heritage and information held by companies against industrial looting and unfair competition. The protected information can … Continue reading “Protection of business secrecy”

A new partnership for PhD recruitments

Always looking at strengthening our network of skills, we have just signed an agreement with the firm ADOC Talent Management. It is the first European consulting firm specializing in the recruitment of PhD and an expert in HR support for innovative companies. It is involved in various positions, from top management expertise, through sourcing and … Continue reading “A new partnership for PhD recruitments”

BRANDON IP will be present at the [Entre-Preneurs] Meetings.

The [Entre-Preneurs] Meetings, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eure-et-Loir will be held again this year in Chartres. The event will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in the premises of the ICC. The program includes business meetings during which project leaders can meet various professionals to expose their project and … Continue reading “BRANDON IP will be present at the [Entre-Preneurs] Meetings.”

No monopoly on the name « calisson »

A strange dispute took place this summer around the small well-known confectionery, made with candied melon and marzipan. In 2016, a Chinese citizen, Ye Chulin, filed as a trademark in China the name “Calisson of Aix en Provence” and the equivalent in Mandarin “Kalisong”. The Calisson Manufacturers’ Union of Aix mobilized to block this registration, … Continue reading “No monopoly on the name « calisson »”

The domain name FRANCE.COM now belongs to the French government further to a legal action

In 1994, Mr. Jean-Noël Frydman bought the domain name FRANCE.COM in order to create a website for tourists visiting the country. More than 10 years after, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry sued Mr. Frydman before the Courts to get back the domain name, on the ground of its trademark FRANCE. The Paris Court of Appeal … Continue reading “The domain name FRANCE.COM now belongs to the French government further to a legal action”


Our partner firm BRANDON VALORISATION has just renovated its website to make it more modern, more attractive and better reflect its activities. Please have a look:

Never women have filed so many patents, according to WIPO

The share of women recorded in international patent application at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has never been so high. In total, at least one woman is related to 30% out of the 225000 applications published by WIPO in 2017. South Korea is the country where women are the most innnovative : at least one … Continue reading “Never women have filed so many patents, according to WIPO”

Russia has entered the Hague convention about protection of international designs

Last February, Russia became the 53th member of the Hague Convention, which allows the international registration of designs. This is good news for all design owners who will now be able to designate this country within an international filing and then save money and time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish … Continue reading “Russia has entered the Hague convention about protection of international designs”

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has finally entered into force

You couldn’t have missed it, the General data protection regulation is now in force since May 25. The goal is to raise the security measures when it comes to personal data of European consumers and applies to any company collecting data on this territory. We invite you to review your legal notice, conditions of use … Continue reading “The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has finally entered into force”

A softening in the CIVC (Committee for the protection of Champaign) monopoly

The Champagne protected designation of origin (PDO) is actively defended ou enforced by the CIVC (Committee for the protection of Champaign) which sues any commercial use of this term, or a similar one. The CIVC brought proceedings in Germany against the German company ALDI for its use of the trademark CHAMPAGNER SORBET in relation to … Continue reading “A softening in the CIVC (Committee for the protection of Champaign) monopoly”

A few figures about patent applications

  In France SMEs are at the origin of a growing number of patent applications in France: 21.2%. This figure has been steadily increasing since 2012, i.e. 6.9% in 4 years. Over the same period, the majority of patent applications were filed by large companies (56.8%) and 7.8% by mid-sized companies. (INPI report) If these … Continue reading “A few figures about patent applications”

Invisible coding, a weapon against counterfeiting for cosmetic brands

Some markets, such as cosmetics, household products or personal hygiene, face requirements and constraints in terms of packaging, traceability, continuity of brand image, constraints of sustainable development, size, counterfeit, all in order to preserve the health of consumers or their reputation. Therefore, a solution is emerging: the discrete coding. This is a product or packaging … Continue reading “Invisible coding, a weapon against counterfeiting for cosmetic brands”

Our partner L.Brandon becomes Brandon Valorisation

To be closer to its activities, L.Brandon decided to take the name of Brandon Valorisation. It also allows him to harmonize its presentation on ours, while of course maintaining Brandon Group’s common brand image. From now on, their email address is:, the other coordinates remain unchanged.

Artificial intelligence : the new Eldorado

Artificial Intelligence has become unavoidable and all professions are now concerned, even those where subjectivity is important. Many companies develop new solutions in very diversified fields, and some big groups have created associations to define an ethical “good practices” guide, such as Partnership on Ai created by Google / Facebook/ Microsoft/ Ibm and Apple or … Continue reading “Artificial intelligence : the new Eldorado”

Protect your sensitive information

Group Brandon is working on a good practices guide regarding sensitive information. Before your project is finalized, you probably will have to discuss it with several persons in order to appreciate its feasibility. ​How far can you tell them about your concept and its original elements? How to protect you before a commercial contract is … Continue reading “Protect your sensitive information”

Change never happens alone…

After the rebranding and moving, change at the head of the patent department. Mrs. Nadine Thomas, who has been in office for almost 10 years, claims her pension rights, no doubt well deserved. To ensure succession, Mr. Fabien Gauchet has joined us on December 4 : senior patented engineer in biomechanics, he has more than … Continue reading “Change never happens alone…”

Google started penalizing the remaining http websites on October 1st, 2017

Since the beginning of 2017, Google is trying to force every website to adopt the “https” (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) mode. It has become more obvious from October 1st, 2017, with the new version of Chrome 62. With this version, any internet user going on a website with the http protocol, can see a warning … Continue reading “Google started penalizing the remaining http websites on October 1st, 2017”

EU changes

Amendments to the EU trademark regulations will come into force on 1st October 2017, among others: It will be possible to file certification marks before the EUIPO. This kind of specific marks already exists in many national laws, such as in France. They shall be filed with regulations on their use (goods /services to be … Continue reading “EU changes”

Thailand joins the Madrid Protocol

Thailand will become the 99th member of the Madrid system, having signed the accession on last August. This will enter into force on November 7, 2017 This is good news for all applicants as it implies a convenient and cost-effective solution for brand owners worldwide.

Champagne and award!

We are proud to announce that the jury of the Champagne Trophies’s 2017 edition has selected one of our clients, Champagne René Jolly, for its Y wire cap, in the category « Packaging of the year ». This innovation has been covered by patents, and trademarks filed by our firm and transferred by our partner firm L.Brandon. … Continue reading “Champagne and award!”

European Patent Office clarifies practice in the area of plant and animal patents

Since July 1, 2017 European Patent Office has amended and especially clarified the legal framework applicable to plant and animal patents. Therefore, plants and animals exclusively obtained by an essentially biological breeding process are excluded from patentability. Proceedings in examination and opposition cases concerning plants or animals obtained by an essentially biological process have been … Continue reading “European Patent Office clarifies practice in the area of plant and animal patents”

Can a gesture be protected as a trademark ?

Such as Nabilla Benattia and her “allo?”, some people get famous using gestures, become identification marks. In the United States, Gene Simmons, member of the Kiss band, has just filed the “rock on” sign () as a trademark for concert and entertainment, pretending to be the first one to use it in 1974. The athlete Usain Bolt … Continue reading “Can a gesture be protected as a trademark ?”

Recognition of copyright in the development of a Ladurée store

The Court of Appeal of Paris has just delivered a judgment in which it grants copyright to the creator of certain Ladurée stores. She was commissioned to set up several sales outlets between 2006 and 2008, after which Ladurée had decided to put an end to this collaboration. As a result of various disagreements, the … Continue reading “Recognition of copyright in the development of a Ladurée store”

Where to sue an alleged infringer in the US ?

Until recently, an alleged infringer can be sued in any US state, regardless of the place of the infringement or the domicile of the infringer or the patentee. Since 1990, most of the patent infringement actions (about 40%) are initiated before the Court of Texas which is known to be favorable to the patent holder. … Continue reading “Where to sue an alleged infringer in the US ?”

News from the Brandon Group

Our partner L.BRANDON organized on last April 4, a conference on the fundraising in Orleans. More than 70 persons were attending, and could receive advise from the experts as regards IP valorization. Some personal appointments allowed to go deeper into some issues. L.BRANDON will also intervene on October 9 in Châteaudun, for a public composed … Continue reading “News from the Brandon Group”

Companies on Instagram

On last June 17, was held in Paris the first Instapreneurs’ Salon, organised by Instagram to allow the companies to better use this medium and develop their activity. There are 8 million companies present on this network. Properly used, with quality pictures, Instagram has become an essential tool for the brands, permitting to tell their … Continue reading “Companies on Instagram”

Good change of name practice

The French telecommunication network SFR will change its name at the end of 2018 to become ALTICE, and spread in all countries where the group is active (especially France, United States, Israel, and some European countries). Beyond the marketing and image questions, this operation needs a strong legal coordination. The new name shall often be … Continue reading “Good change of name practice”

News of the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Jurisdiction

The latest twists and turns: the entry into force on 1 December 2017 is postponed indefinitely. The main reasons for this are the United Kingdom’s decision to organize its exit from the European Union and the recent elections, as well as a complaint of unconstitutionality filed by a German lawyer against the draft ratification of … Continue reading “News of the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Jurisdiction”

The utility of the patent

An article published recently in the daily economic newspaper Les Echos reasserts the interest of the patent for companies in development and in search of funding. This is known to us and it is the discourse that we advocate with our customers and various interlocutors: industrial property as a generator of value. This is the … Continue reading “The utility of the patent”

Valeo, first patent applicant in France

Valéo dethrones Peugeot SA at the top of the 2016 ranking of INPI patents. This is mostly the result of the policy of rationalization carried out by PSA for 4 years, today under the symbolic bar of the 1000, against an offensive policy of filing initiated in 2013 at Valéo. These patent applications concern not … Continue reading “Valeo, first patent applicant in France”

BLETRY & Associés becomes BRANDON IP

After 150th anniversary celebrations, BLETRY & Associés opens up a new chapter in its history. Founded in 1866 under the name BLETRY FRERES from the founders’ name, subsequently becoming BLETRY & ASSOCIES when acquired by Anne and Michel Lévy in 2003, we are pleased to announce that the firm now becomes BRANDON IP. This change reflects … Continue reading “BLETRY & Associés becomes BRANDON IP”

A woman head of the French IP attorneys Association (so-called CNCPI)

For the first time in their history, the French IP attorneys have elected on 13 December 2016 a trademark & design attorney, Mrs. Guylène KIESEL LE COSQUER, as the president of the French Association, together with a new management team. The goals for the 2-year term are the implementation of the continuous training of the … Continue reading “A woman head of the French IP attorneys Association (so-called CNCPI)”

Overview of the French FICPI Group regarding its charter

The IP Excellence Charter system – which Bletry is an initiator and signatory since its implementation – includes a yearly self assessment process of the firms to enable to take stock of their strenghts and weaknesses in order to better move forward and always offer the best quality advice to their clients. The overview of … Continue reading “Overview of the French FICPI Group regarding its charter”

Economic benefits of IP in Europe

A joint study carried out by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) highlights the benefits of using intellectual property in Europe. The key points are as follows : – Average wages in IPR-intensive industries are more than 45% higher than in other industries. – These businesses have shown more … Continue reading “Economic benefits of IP in Europe”

TOM WAITS accuses BARTABAS of plagiarism

A dispute goes on since several months opposing the American composer and singer Tom Waits and the horse shows director Bartabas about his last opus called On achève bien les anges. Tom Waits accuses the rider to use not only 16 of his songs in his show, without his consent, but also  some identification parts … Continue reading “TOM WAITS accuses BARTABAS of plagiarism”

The average financial compensation paid to the employee innovator is 2200 €

The earnings of the employee innovator is a healthy practice that became mandatory in 1990, meant to promote creation internally. A study carried out recently by the French Patent & Trademark Office  revealed that the average financial compensation paid to the employee innovator is 2200 €. Payment is often a flat-rate premium, in several settlements, … Continue reading “The average financial compensation paid to the employee innovator is 2200 €”

Report on the FICPI CET 8’s works

Report on the FICPI CET 8’s works The International Federation of Intellectual Property attorneys – FICPI has several Study and Work Commissions (CET) on different topics. For a year now, Anne Lévy chairs CET 8 dealing with IP Asset management. One of the projects of this Commission is to implement a tailored IP/litigation insurance facility … Continue reading “Report on the FICPI CET 8’s works”

The Best IP Advice Professional Excellence Commission

FICPI has produced for its members a brochure for distribution to existing and new clients, explaining to clients and prospective clients what makes FICPI members special and why they should select FICPI members for the best advice in Intellectual Property matters. The brochure emphasises the high professional standards of FICPI members through FICPI’s stringent admission … Continue reading “The Best IP Advice Professional Excellence Commission”

APAA in Okinawa – November 13 to 17, 2015

Anne LEVY will be attending the next APAA (Asian Patent Attorney Association) meting in Okinawa next week.

29th Marques Conference in Vienna

The Office Bletry will be attending the Marques Conference in Vienna, taking place between September 15 and 18, 2015, to meet with its business partners and enjoy the work sessions on the theme “Mind the Brand ! Psychology of Brand”.