Start-ups : intellectual property is a key development asset


You are setting up a new company, and many legal questions arise. BRANDON IP helps you to structure your intangible capital by understanding your technical and competitive field. Intellectual property should be considered as a key asset in your development, which will be useful when raising funds, conducting due diligence, or entering into commercial agreements.

We offer you a tailor-made service that takes your specific needs into account, enabling you to develop at your own pace.


You are in the process of raising capital

We can help you identify your company’s assets (protectable inventions, know-how, etc.) and estimate their fair value. Using a proven proprietary method, our consultants can value any intangible intellectual property asset, taking into account your specific context.

Do you want to comply with the GDPR or make your teams aware of the legal pitfalls?

We offer customized training tailored to the audience concerned and support you in understanding these regulations. We can help you comply with these rules.

You want to secure your communication on social networks

BRANDON IP can advise you on the best practices to put in place with your communications and marketing teams to avoid any risky topics and comply with applicable regulations, particularly about counterfeiting, copyright, royalty-free images, freedom of speech, parody rights, and so on.

You have filed your trademark on your own and have not carried out a clearance search.

There are many risks that we can help you to understand and overcome. Without an availability search, you could be unknowingly infringing existing rights. Our teams are here to help you take the necessary steps to secure your use.

You have questions about the content of your website

Legal notices, general conditions of use, personal data – these are no longer secrets to us. We can audit your website to identify any missing clauses and bring them into line with your needs and activities.

Our commitments:

  • A quick response that your teams can understand
  • Expertise in all technical fields and an experienced team
  • A unique partnership with Brandon Valorisation for monetization issues

IP experts close to you and your expectations

Since 1866, Brandon IP, formerly known as Blétry Frères, has supported its clients in the protection and defense of their intellectual property rights. It is one of the oldest intellectual property firms in France. We support companies of all sizes and project holders in protecting their inventions in a totally customized way and as close as possible to their needs. As a guarantee of our expertise, Brandon IP is ranked among the best French patent and trademark firms by Leaders League.

Our team is made up of patent and trademark attorneys, experts in various technical fields, and of legal assistants (paralegals). The patent engineers are in charge of advising, studies, prior art searches, drafting of patent applications, etc. Paralegals are responsible for the administrative part of patent procedures, in particular the filing of patent applications, international extensions (entry into phases and validations), monitoring of internal and official deadlines, cost estimates, etc.

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For more than 30 years, we have also been developing our expertise in the economic and financial valuation of intellectual property, in partnership with Brandon Valorisation, Innovation Consultants. This new activity has been designed for all those innovative companies that need to make their investments profitable and generate income from their inventions. We are pioneers in this field.

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