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We support you in all your projects, large or small, taking into account your budget, and are at your side to explain the various strategies and procedures relating to intellectual property.

We work with you in the following way: the first phone, video or face-to-face meeting is free of charge. This is an oral consultation, and we recommend that you give us all the information you have, so that we can advise you in the best possible way.

Good to know: Our profession is regulated in the same way as lawyers, and subject to professional secrecy. You can therefore speak to us freely.

Following this meeting, and depending on your issues and needs, we will provide you with recommendations and a preliminary cost estimate before any action is taken. If you accept this estimate, we can start working together.

Here are some examples of cases where you can contact us:

You have filed your trademark in France or the European Union on your own, but the Office is now sending you a notification of provisional refusal.

Our teams can explain the reason for this refusal and, above all, try to find alternative solutions. It is also very important to take into account the administrative deadlines you have been given, as any late response will not be taken into consideration and will result in rejection. We can manage these deadlines and are authorized to represent you before the Office.
Calling on the services of an intellectual property firm also enables you to relieve you of deadlines (e.g. renewal of your trademark after 10 years).

You have filed your trademark in France or the European Union on your own, and you would also like to obtain protection elsewhere.

The procedure can be far more complex, and in some cases requires the assistance of local counsel. Our firm has built up an international network of colleagues worldwide, and can advise you on any foreign proceedings.

You have filed a trademark in France or the European Union without conducting an availability search, and you receive a cease and desist letter from a third party.

We can help you negotiate a settlement or draft a response based on your chances of success.

You are an employee and have filed a patent application

Our teams can advise you on the steps to take vis-à-vis your employer, depending on the field of the invention and other parameters.

You have developed an innovation and you are wondering whether it is patentable/you would like to protect it with a patent.

Drafting a patent application is not something you can improvise, it must meet very specific criteria in terms of form and content. Our teams of specialized patent engineers can draft the patent after discussing the characteristics of your invention with you. The drafting process is carried out with your participation and may require several round trips to ensure that you are satisfied with the proposed wording and that it is valid enough to be accepted by the Patent Office.

You have filed an intellectual property right in your name and now wish to transfer it to your company or a third party.

We can support you in drawing up and negotiating the assignment contract, and in registering the assignment with the Offices. We can also advise you on these strategic aspects.

You have created an original work and it has been reproduced without your authorization.

Our teams are here to help you take steps to enforce your rights and obtain compensation.

Our commitments:

  • Personalized advice tailored to your situation
  • Flat-rate fees announced in advance of the service
  • A free video appointment

IP experts close to you and your expectations

Since 1866, Brandon IP, formerly known as Blétry Frères, has supported its clients in the protection and defense of their intellectual property rights. It is one of the oldest intellectual property firms in France. We support companies of all sizes and project holders in protecting their inventions in a totally customized way and as close as possible to their needs. As a guarantee of our expertise, Brandon IP is ranked among the best French patent and trademark firms by Leaders League.

Our team is made up of patent and trademark attorneys, experts in various technical fields, and of legal assistants (paralegals). The patent engineers are in charge of advising, studies, prior art searches, drafting of patent applications, etc. Paralegals are responsible for the administrative part of patent procedures, in particular the filing of patent applications, international extensions (entry into phases and validations), monitoring of internal and official deadlines, cost estimates, etc.

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For more than 30 years, we have also been developing our expertise in the economic and financial valuation of intellectual property, in partnership with Brandon Valorisation, Innovation Consultants. This new activity has been designed for all those innovative companies that need to make their investments profitable and generate income from their inventions. We are pioneers in this field.

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