Value creation

Financial valuation

Estimate the value of an IP rights portfolio

Do you ask yourself these questions:

  • How to create value from a patent, a trademark or a software?
  • At what price should I sell an operating licence, or sell my patent, my trademark, my domain name or my software?
  • Can the value-creation of my patent, my trademark or my software increase the shareholders’ equity of my business?
  • Why and how should I enhance the value of my business? How should I estimate its value?
  • How should I anticipate a fundraising?

Our partner Brandon Valorisation has developed a service based on its own method. ValoFin™ allows enhancing the value of a patent, a trademark, a software, a domain name or even know-how.

These studies mainly seek to:

  • Under certain conditions, add a patent, a trademark, a software to the capital of a company in order to enhance its shareholders’ equity and thereby reduce the risk of dilution.
  • Prepare for negotiation in view of opening up the capital: fundraising, merger or transfer of the company.
  • Come up with a settlement in case of litigations.

The patents and associated know-how, software, trademarks, industrial designs, domain names, etc. are intangible assets that can be exploited for economic gain. They enhance the value of a business.

To do this, we evaluate the following and more:

  • The industrial property right as Intellectual Property attorneys
  • Its market and domains of application with Brandon Valorisation, innovation valuation consultants
  • The economic components related to the patent, trademark or software
  • The income linked to its exploitation.

Using this data, we can develop conclusions on the value and forward our recommendations to you.

The financial valuation study of an IP right requires the expertise of an Intellectual Property attorney who can validate its quality.

We also carry out start-up valuation studies and innovative SME valuation studies, in partnership with Brandon Valorisation.

Intellectual property valuation

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