Value creation

Challenges of value creation

Les enjeux de la valorisation de votre propriété intellectuelle

Challenges of value creation with your intellectual property


Patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights can quickly become a major cost item for a project leader or a company that does not use them. Unfortunately, this is often the case today since many patents pending go unused. We then talk about “dormant patents”. In France for instance, only about one third of the patents granted would be exploited! And this figure might be underestimated…

So, what are the solutions to avoid “unnecessary expenditure” in research and development? How to transform intellectual property into a valued asset that generates income for its owner?

This is a real strategic issue for companies.

Whether you are a start-up, a small- or medium-sized company, a university or a public or private laboratory, your research efforts inevitably lead you to innovate.

You may have created a new product and the question of patenting arises. Or you already are the owner of a trademark or a patent that you don’t use, and you don’t know if it’s worth protecting it any longer.

Maybe you are not sure how to optimize the use of your patent and wonder what is the best way to benefit from it?


Les enjeux de la valorisation de votre propriété intellectuelle

Valuation is part of the business strategy


If we think that protecting your invention is essential to keep a competitive advantage on the market (monopoly) and to hedge against counterfeits, we understand that these steps may sound complex. Intellectual property should, however, be considered as an integral part of the project and be placed at the center of the business strategy. A clear vision of the project and a well-defined strategy will thus allow you to gain in protection efficiency, to save money by avoiding investments in countries or markets that are not relevant, but also to get a return on investment by choosing the best way to use your trademark or patent.

With a well-defined strategy from the beginning of the project, patents are not “dormant” any longer. Better still, if well valued, they increase the value of the company that owns them and can be a source of income.

As a firm specialized in intellectual property law, Brandon IP can assist you in all your strategy and valuation approaches for your industrial property rights.

Our teams help you to define and implement a strategy suitable with your situation worldwide bringing customized services.

Financial valuation of patents and trademarks


Any intellectual property right, whether it is a patent, a trademark, a design has a certain value. It may be appropriate to have it estimated by a professional before any contract negotiation (transfer, license, etc.) but also in the case of fundraising or if you wish to contribute it to the capital of your company.


A financial evaluation

The economic valuation of intellectual property titles


There are different ways to economically valuate an invention:

  • Through a license or sale agreement signed with another company (technology transfer)
  • Through collaboration (partnership agreement) with a partner company providing the financial, industrial, commercial or human resources for the use of the patent,
  • Through the setting-up of a new company (start-up) to use it.


Economic valuation

Our offer of value-added services make us a strategic partner always on your side for the development of your company through innovation.

  • Valuation strategy and intellectual property
  • Financial valuation study of patents, trademarks, software, etc.
  • Operating strategy
  • Economic valuation
  • Raising awareness about intellectual property among your teams


To valuate your investments in intellectual property, Brandon IP has established for more than 30 years a close partnership with Brandon Valorisation, a consulting firm specialized in valuation of innovation and intellectual property. This is the guarantee of the best and relevant advice. We are pioneers in this field.


Because we consider patents, trademarks, software other intellectual property rights as assets with the sole purpose of creating value for the company, we do intend to meet the needs of our clients and their strategic concerns. Our teams of expert consultants are at your disposal to understand and assess the characteristics and challenges of your innovation project.

In addition, our engineers and attorneys assist you in the drafting, negotiation and proofreading of your contracts relating to intellectual property and technology transfer: non-disclosure agreement, license agreement, partnership, assignment, etc.


To learn more about our services dedicated to the valuation of intellectual property, we may contact our teams at or by phone at +331 44 91 68 60.

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Les enjeux de la valorisation de votre propriété intellectuelle
Intellectual property valuation

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