NFT, an intangible asset that is not so secure

NFT, un bien immatériel pas si sécurisé que ça
Ip world
Publié le 23 June 2022

If the NFT, or non-fungible token, is known for its security and traceability, recent news has shown that its security is quite relative. Indeed, two recent hijackings, one on February 10 for an amount of nearly 1.57 million euros and the other on March 23 for an amount of nearly 620 million euros, evidence that this new type of intangible asset is open to piracy.


While the first hack seems to be related to a phishing campaign and therefore does not call into question the protocols used, the second is due to a flaw in the platform used in the management of these NFTs. Thus, if investments in NFTs can bring significant profits, it is necessary to be careful when considering an investment in such an intangible asset.

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