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A new database which lists geographical indications

  Since November, the European Union Office (EUIPO) has been offering a database of geographical indications recognized and protected in the European Union: GIview. Its main advantage is to provide with the status of a geographical indication abroad under bilateral treaties and conventions. Rather intuitive, the database allows you to search by country, type of … Continue reading “A new database which lists geographical indications”

German Bundestag approves bill to ratify Agreement on a Unified Patent Court

  On November 26, the Bundestag adopted the ratification bill on a unified patent court (UPC). This is an important step towards the implementation of the unitary patent in the European Union. It remains to pass the stage of the Bundesrat (upper house of the German Parliament), which will have to give its approval.   … Continue reading “German Bundestag approves bill to ratify Agreement on a Unified Patent Court”

Who can act on the ground of a registered trademark in the name and on behalf of a company not yet registered?

  An interesting decision of the French Supreme Court was issued on October 14th. A natural person had filed a French trademark on behalf of a company in the process of being formed and this company was not incorporated.   The plaintiff, however, brought an action for infringement on the ground of this trademark in … Continue reading “Who can act on the ground of a registered trademark in the name and on behalf of a company not yet registered?”

The European Patent Office looks into the valuation of patents

  The European Patent Office (EPO) recently published the results of its study “Valuation of scientific results – Dashboard of commercial exploitation of patents: European universities and public research organizations”. The main conclusion of this study: the European patent is a major tool for universities and public research organizations to commercially exploit their inventions. More … Continue reading “The European Patent Office looks into the valuation of patents”

Anniversary: 30 years of collaboration!

  In November 2020, Anne Lévy, CEO of Brandon IP and Michel Lévy, CEO of Brandon Valorisation celebrated the 30th anniversary of their collaboration. The opportunity to review the history of the Brandon Group and the two firms that make it up. Beyond the family ties that unite them, it is also the unique combination … Continue reading “Anniversary: 30 years of collaboration!”

Brexit: how to make the right decisions

  We were all in a hurry to see 2020 end, but December 31 also marked the end of the transition period for the Brexit procedure. What questions should you ask yourself to calmly face this new step ?   If your Community trademarks and designs are registered The UK Office will automatically proceed with … Continue reading “Brexit: how to make the right decisions”

Our clients have talent

  Some of our clients have shown great creativity at this difficult time. A few examples : The company RASEC, which activity relates to store furnishing has offered Plexiglas protection to its clients, in order to be able to enhance consumers and workers’ protection.   The company R-PUR has hit the jackpot with its anti-pollution … Continue reading “Our clients have talent”

French patent: Taking account of inventive step by the French Patent Office (INPI)

  As we have already announced to you, the PACTE law has established a post-grant patent opposition system in France since April 1, 2020. In addition, the law now adds the obligation for the French Patent Office to take into account inventive step in the granting of patents.   Any French patent application filed after … Continue reading “French patent: Taking account of inventive step by the French Patent Office (INPI)”

Out your pig

  You probably know the famous device of PUMA, the bounding feline, many times counterfeited with or without imagination.   The Portuguese company Trendiamo tempted it with the filing of a European trademark representing a bounding pig, all in black, in relation with goods of class 25, i.e clothing and shoes.   The company PUMA … Continue reading “Out your pig”

New people joining the team !

  Our Patent attorney specialized in biotech, Marie-Josée Vialle Presles has just retired and we hope she will fully enjoy her free time.   To replace her, we are glad to welcome Geraldine Lancelot, expert in the field of biotech, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for more than 20 years, especially in the industry. Do not hesitate … Continue reading “New people joining the team !”