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No future

  What is the best security strategy to adopt when launching a new logo?   On the one hand, to carry out an availability search among the marks in the envisaged territory. Artificial intelligence now allows a detailed analysis of prior logos and your intellectual property attorney will be able to best recommend you what … Continue reading “No future”

Cristiano shines in his underwear

  Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo owns several trademarks composed of his name, for various products and services, some used, others most certainly for protective purposes. In 2019, he opposed a European Union trademark application CRISTIANO designating in particular products and services in classes 3, 9, 14, 18, 25 and 35.   The two signs CRISTIANO … Continue reading “Cristiano shines in his underwear”

An artificial intelligence named inventor of a patent application?

  We have already told you about Dabus, the artificial intelligence to which the European Patent Office has refused inventor status. It was 2020 and it made sense to us. Since then, two foreign courts have had to rule on the same question for the same patent application.   And the verdict in both cases … Continue reading “An artificial intelligence named inventor of a patent application?”

A step forward towards the European unitary patent

  The process of adopting the European unitary patent system is still ongoing and we are monitoring it regularly.   The entry into force of the agreement on the Unified Patent Court remains conditional on its ratification by Germany, after that of France and Italy following the exit of the United Kingdom. In February 2020, … Continue reading “A step forward towards the European unitary patent”

Our firm will speak at the next FICPI forum

  As last year, due to the health situation, FICPI, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, will hold its annual Forum remotely.   On this occasion, Anne Lévy will participate as a speaker in a session on November 5, 2021 on the topic: The post-Covid IP firm, remote working and wellbeing   This topic … Continue reading “Our firm will speak at the next FICPI forum”

Two heavy penalties under the GDPR

  Convictions for non-compliance with the Regulation on the Protection of personal data are falling like dead leaves this summer…   After the 746 million fine imposed on Amazon in July by the Luxembourg Commission for Data Protection (CNPD), WhatsApp is now the subject of a decision against it by the Irish Data Protection Commission … Continue reading “Two heavy penalties under the GDPR”

Brexit : Reminder of the deadline of September 30, 2021

  If you or your clients own European trademarks, or international trademarks designating the European Union which were not yet registered as of December 31, 2020, these may still be extended to the territory of the United Kingdom through a national application while preserving the date of the initial filing in the European Union. However, … Continue reading “Brexit : Reminder of the deadline of September 30, 2021”

Debates in progress before the French Council of State

  The regulations relating to personal data conflict with the needs of the intelligence, justice and police services, and the arbitration between the two has been brought to the French Council of State.   Indeed, it is customary that these services ask telecommunications providers to keep in a generalized and indiscriminate manner the data relating … Continue reading “Debates in progress before the French Council of State”

Two rock’n roll decisions

  On February 25, 2021 the Paris court recognized the famous Rolling Stones logo as a well-known trademark.   The company that owns the intellectual property rights of the Stones had sued a company importing crests from China for trademark and copyright infringement. These badges reproduced the famous mouth adorned with the Breton flag. The … Continue reading “Two rock’n roll decisions”

The author’s remuneration in the commissioning contract

  The Higher Council for Literary and Artistic Property (CSPLA) entrusted Sarah Dormont, lecturer and Pierre Sirinelli with a mission to assess the advisability of defining a legal regime specific to the “commission contract” within the French Code of Intellectual property. The desired goal is in particular to improve the remuneration of authors for the … Continue reading “The author’s remuneration in the commissioning contract”