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Céder vos droits ou recherchez des licenciés

Are you a start-up, an SME, a project initiator or a research organisation and do you own one or more patents, designs, trademarks or software? Do you wish to make a profit? Brandon IP can meet your requirements, in partnership with Brandon Valorisation.

An intellectual property right grants a monopoly for a certain duration (up to 20 years for a patent so long as it is kept valid, indefinitely for a trademark with the same condition). This is a veritable competitive advantage in a constantly changing market.

In order to make a profit, you may decide to grant a licence to use your patent, trademark or software, i.e. grant a third party the right to exploit it in exchange for a remuneration, or you may even decide to transfer or sell the rights. In certain cases, this is referred to as a technology transfer.


The main objectives of this service, based on its own method:

  • Make your investments in research and development (R&D) profitable
  • Conquer new markets
  • Diversify your activity
  • Enhance the value of your company.

Other cases: when a start-up seeks means to market its innovation, or when a SME faces structural problems linked to its development, an industrial and financial backing by a larger company with a similar domain of activity may constitute a strategic and sustainable solution.


Industrial backing allows, among other things, to:

  • Enhance the industrial, commercial, human and financial resources
  • Facilitate access to the market
  • Finance one’s R&D requirements
  • Possess the necessary resources for the growth of the business
  • Develop on an international scale.

To assist our clients in searching for industrial partners in France or abroad, we offer an original service based on a proprietary method.


All these services are executed at the international scale.


The firm aids you in defining the strategy to be adopted until the negotiations and the drafting of the agreement.

These tasks may require a prior financial valuation study of the intangible assets (patents and associated know-how, trademarks, designs, etc.) of your business. This study enables evaluating the value of a business in view of gaining industrial backing by opening up the capital.

Céder vos droits ou recherchez des licenciés


Céder vos droits ou recherchez des licenciés
Intellectual property valuation

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