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Notre partenariat avec un cabinet de conseils en stratégie et valorisation de la propriété intellectuelle

Partnership with an IP strategy and valuation firm


Brandon IP is much more than an intellectual property consulting firm.


Of course, our job since 1866 is to provide the best possible protection for the creations, designs and inventions that you imagine, that your R&D departments develop and that your employees design. It is also to obtain the patents, trademarks, designs that will protect what you develop in your businesses. And to defend your rights when necessary to deal with a more and more aggressive and worldwide competition.

In the field of intellectual property, we have acquired experience that no longer needs to be demonstrated. With more than 150 years of existence, the firm supports you whatever the size of your business, whether you are an individual project leader or a large international group. And because we have precisely this long experience with business leaders, we know their strategic, financial or industrial needs and we have decided to go much further in our approach.

Because for us, creating is not an end as such in terms of business.

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To protect or to file a request to obtain an intellectual property right is to create value for the company or for the owner of the rights whoever it is.

How many times have we heard that protecting your brand has a cost? How many business leaders are reluctant to invest in intellectual property for this reason?

Even if it is true that protecting your creations is sometimes a significant expense, it is most often possible to compensate for it. It should then be an integral part of your intellectual property strategy.


This Brandon IP’s difference: offering you a way to get a return on investment in protection by allowing you to value your intellectual property rights such as your patents, trademarks, designs, etc., and implementing it.


Our credo is that we must think about valuing intellectual property in the development of its strategy. In business development, it is essential to consider intellectual property with a perspective of operation and profitability because patents, trademarks and software do have a value. They are valuable intangible assets.

The valuation of your intellectual property rights should allow you to get a return on investment and develop your company and your project, but also to make them sustainable.


Brandon IP supports you from the beginning of your innovative project, in establishing your IP strategy, filing and defending your patents and trademarks, and also in the valuation of these intellectual property rights.


Our assessments of the value of your rights are carried out on the basis of a strategy proposed by our experts and validated with you. It takes into account your needs and your specificities.


This is to say that our profession is not only intellectual property law firm. We assist you in the definition of an effective valuation strategy that is best suited to your needs, which corresponds to your intellectual property portfolio.

Notre partenariat avec un cabinet de conseils en stratégie et valorisation de la propriété intellectuelle

It is with our partner of 30 years, BRANDON VALORISATION, a pioneer in strategic advice and valuation of intellectual property since 1991 that we are able to work jointly according to your needs. To ensure that intellectual property is not only a cost item as it is often the case in companies or public organizations, but rather becomes a beneficial profit center for the company.

This also requires regular management of intellectual property rights, adapted to the evolution of the company.


Do you want to know more about our consultancy services in intellectual property or wish to evaluate your intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents…)? Please contact our teams by e-mail or by phone at +33 144 91 68 60.


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Notre partenariat avec un cabinet de conseils en stratégie et valorisation de la propriété intellectuelle
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