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Partnership with a IP strategy and valuation firm

We are more than just an intellectual property attorneys firm.

Of course, our job is to provide the best possible protection for the designs and inventions that you imagine, that your R&D departments come up with and that your employees design.

However, creating ideas, according to us, is not an end in itself for a business.

Protecting ideas generates value for the business, or for the holder of the rights.

But protection comes at a price. So how to make up for this price? Our creed is that one must think about the value-creation of intellectual property: in corporate matters, it is essential to consider intellectual property in a perspective of exploitation and profitability, because patents, trademarks and software are intangible assets that are exploitable for economic gain. This value-creation must be carried out on the basis of a strategy proposed by experts and agreed upon by the client.

Our job is therefore also to ensure that the business finds value in its creations by exploiting them. This is why we can assist you in defining the best value-creation strategy corresponding to your intellectual property portfolio.

We have a role to play alongside you in order to advise you, not only about matters of protection but also for generating this value, inherent to the property rights that you create and that we can help you to secure.

With our partner BRANDON VALORISATION, a pioneer in intellectual property strategy and value-creation consultancy since 1991, we intervene together based on the needs of our clients: to ensure that industrial property is not a liability as is often the case in businesses or public bodies, but instead to ensure that it becomes a profit centre. This also involves a regular management of intellectual property rights, adapted to the development of the business.