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Are you behind technical innovations? They can be protected by patent. Have you imagined and materialized aesthetic creations? It may be necessary to seek protection by means of designs. Have you developed a new image or a new name that you plan to use in relation to your activities, your business, your products or services? It is important to think about securing it by filing a trademark or a design filing. We can advise you on the industrial or intellectual property right best suited to your project. The software you have designed can also be protected according to its characteristics, how it is used.

In any case, when you create an innovative object, a new process, a name, a logo, a design, or any other original creation, technical or not, it is essential to consider the possibilities of protection and ask yourself the question. : is it protectable by an intellectual property right?

Our job is to answer this question.

So do not hesitate to submit your projects to us. We will treat them with complete confidentiality, given the professional secrecy to which we are legally bound.

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Intellectual Property Services

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