La Différence
Since 1866
150 ans

Brandon IP, intellectual property attorneys

BRANDON IP was founded in 1866 under the name of BLETRY FRERES. It is one of the oldest intellectual property firms in France. The name later changed to OFFICE BLETRY, then to BLETRY & ASSOCIES in 2003, when it was bought out by Anne LEVY and her father Michel LEVY.

In 2017, it finally became BRANDON IP, symbolising the parallels and the association with the BRANDON VALORISATION firm, consultants in the valuation of innovation and industrial property, which helps innovative companies in their strategic development and the generation of income on the basis of intellectual property. The purpose of this decision was to display our difference in positioning: our method of using intellectual property must have a goal of exploitation and profitability for our clients.

As the profession turns towards litigation, we reaffirm our differences: the key issue for innovative companies that create value is to transform this value into income, and we are there to help them in this approach.

This is why we chose the corporate name BRANDON IP and gathered BRANDON IP and BRANDON VALORISATION under the common banner of the Brandon Group.

We are present in Paris and Orleans, and our teams constitute experts in intellectual property, of all backgrounds, ages and complementary profiles.

Our clients include major domestic or international groups as well as small and medium enterprises, associations, start-ups, public organisations, independent individuals, in every domain of activity.

Today, BRANDON IP benefits from a heritage of more than 150 years, the beneficiation of its history, the loyalty of its French and international clients, and its capacity to develop and anticipate even further.

Meticulousness, speed of response, commitment and proactiveness are the key words in BRANDON IP.