The firm celebrated its 157th anniversary in good company

Anniversaire Brandon IP au Studio Harcourt
With us
Publié le 6 December 2023

Founded in 1866 by two engineers and brothers of the Blétry family involved in the creation of intellectual property in France at the time, writers of an inventor’s manual, the firm has survived the years and eras by remaining within the Blétry family for a long time.

20 years ago, the last heir, not wishing to continue the family adventure, handed over the reins to another family.

It was this anniversary, 20 years since Anne and Michel Lévy took over, that we celebrated on 27 October. The whole team was there, of course, and many of our customers and foreign colleagues also made the trip, creating a joyous and fruitful exchange.

As we had done for our 10th anniversary, we chose the amazing Studio Harcourt as the venue. Honoring one of our customers was an obvious choice.

Let’s take some photos for this memorable occasion!

Anniversaire Brandon IP au Studio Harcourt Anniversaire Brandon IP au Studio Harcourt

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