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The intellectual property attorneys of the BRANDON IP firm are ready to represent you in France, the European Union and in international bodies in Geneva.

To represent its clients and protect their rights across the globe, BRANDON IP also has a large network of foreign associates in each country.

Every foreign associate is chosen on the basis of his/her professional qualities and our network is regularly updated so as to offer you the best possible representation in each country of interest.

We regularly meet with our colleagues so that we can offer you services that are suited to your situation and your avenues of development.

Lastly, BRANDON IP is a member of several professional associations, such as:



INTA : International Trademark Association

INTA is an American association of professionals in the field of trademarks.

It has nearly 31000 members in 191 countries, including corporate legal practitioners, intellectual property attorneys, lawyers, etc. The association’s headquarters is in New York and every year in the month of May, it organises its annual conference that brings together the whole profession for 5 days. It is an opportunity to meet with our colleagues and clients across the globe and speak with them about our professional relationships, or new developments in their laws.

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FICPI: International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, and its French branch, the ACPI

FICPI is a non-profit federation that only includes partners of industrial property firms. It was founded more than a 100 years ago, and has 5000 members across more than 80 countries. Its work is focused on providing assistance in managing firms, through exchanging information and intervening with legal bodies for spreading the opinion of the profession.

Anne LEVY, partner at BRANDON IP, is particularly active in the field of management of intangible assets and insurance-related issues in matters of intellectual property.

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AIPPI: International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

The AIPPI is an association governed by the law of 1901, and its purpose is to promote intellectual property. It comprises three groups: legal practitioners, attorneys and industry.

On the basis of reports prepared by national or regional groups, the Association engages in comparative law studies concerning questions in the field of intellectual property protection that are covered by international draft laws or those that are selected because they merit a systematic study.

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APAA : Asian Patent Attorneys association

The APAA is a non-governmental association dedicated to promoting and developing the protection of intellectual property in Asia (including Australia and New Zealand). It was founded in 1969 and mainly consists of patent consultants. Today, it has more than 2500 members.

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MARQUES is a European association founded in 1986 with the purpose of highlighting the interests of trademark owners. The association seeks to respond to the multiple problems faced by trademark owners.

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