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Our intellectual property training services


BRANDON IP’s experts offer training services for your teams on all topics relating to intellectual property and its valuation.

We propose a catalog of training courses from awareness about intellectual property to more specific issues such as the GDPR or the valuation of intangible assets and we can also carry out tailored training courses to suit your requirements.

Who are these courses for?

The firm’s intellectual property attorneys are used to intervene to lead awareness sessions with various types of economic actors: universities, research centers, associations, business and engineering schools, companies, business incubators, etc.

On what topic(s)?

We can offer you to carry out awareness workshops for your teams, about intellectual property in general or certain more specific topics, such as: compliance with the GDPR, best practices in trademark use or in patent filing, recent legal and legislative developments, the financial valuation of IP rights with a view to raising funds, etc.

Our sessions aim to provide the knowledge needed to better understand intellectual property and how to best use it.

These training courses can be held at our offices, at your premises or virtually with the persons concerned and result in a deliverable which is forwarded to you.

If necessary, we can also work together to draft a tailor-made program according to your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to get a cost estimate for these specific services.

Our intellectual property training services

Brandon IP, expert at the INPI

In parallel with our training, as Intellectual Property Attorneys, we are required to regularly perform pro-bono advice with the French Patent and Trademark Office and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry for all intellectual property issues.

As such, the French Patent & Trademark Attorneys association (CNCPI) is committed to better protection of innovations thanks to information disseminated from high school for future engineers, designers, musicians, architects and participates in national think tanks about the education of future generations.

Intellectual property attorneys since 1866

Brandon IP was founded in 1866, making it one of the oldest intellectual property firms in France – if not the oldest. It was originally known as BLETRY FRERES.

Logo Bletry

Through our long-term practice, we have noticed that the needs of our clients extend beyond intellectual property advice. Indeed, patents, trademarks, software and other intangible assets can bring value to a company if they are well exploited. This is the reason why, for more than 30 years, we have also offered services for economic and financial valuation of IP rights, such as looking for and granting of licenses, company backing, assessment of the value of assets, etc. in partnership with Brandon Valorisation.

Contact us to find out more about our services and see to what extent we can support you.


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Our training services in intellectual property valuation


For years, the patent attorneys and business experts of the Brandon Group have supported our clients in the protection, valuation and monetization of their intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, designs, software, etc.).

However, we note that our contacts often know little about the various strategies available to best exploit these rights and make their R&D investments profitable.

Our training services in intellectual property valuation

Raising awareness about protection and valorization with the PepiteTM Workshops

This is why we developed the Ateliers PepiteTM, in partnership with Brandon Valorisation. These training sessions aim at raising awareness of young entrepreneurs, incubator residents and students of engineering schools or innovation-related education to the processes of protecting and valuating innovation.

These workshops present the different to protect an invention, a trademark, software, a website or literary work. They also make it possible to inform on the various ways of economic and financial valuation such as the industrial or financial backing, the search for licensees or the diversification of activities and the interest of carrying out a financial valuation to increase the value of its company.


Example of questions addressed by the PepiteTMworkshops:

  • How does the protection of intellectual property serve in enhancing the value of a business?
  • What benefits can be drawn from granting a license? In what circumstances should you use this strategy?
  • Why should you acquire new patents?
  • What are the goals and main characteristics of a financial valuation study?


Our partner Brandon Valorisation works alongside us on these topics: how to find value for intellectual property assets? What is the best strategy to be implemented? Should a license be considered? A transfer? A financial valuation beforehand?

After the presentation, a question-and-answer session is organized to answer specific issues or to clarify certain points. If necessary, individual meetings are then held on a case-by-case basis upon request, under confidentiality.

Intellectual property and value creation workshops

The duration of these sessions is generally half a day. These workshops allow entrepreneurs and protect leaders to meet individually with our consultants who answer their questions during customized meetings.

The topics addressed during these individual meetings relate to the protection, strategy and valorization of intellectual property in general.

Whom are these workshops meant for?

They are meant for start-ups, SMEs, incubators, competitiveness centers and other clusters or professional associations that wish to inform their members and employees about the protection and valorization of intellectual property and know-how.

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Intellectual Property Services

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