Value creation

Creating value from your intellectual property assets

Brandon IP assists its clients as a strategic partner in the development of the business through innovation and intellectual property.

We offer value-added services. Why? Particularly to ensure that industrial property is not a cost item.

Your creations have value, and protecting them is essential if you wish to retain all of these assets and benefit from them.

However, protecting your creations and your inventions involves an investment.

Creating value from them is therefore necessary in order to fully exploit the potential of an intellectual property right, whether it is a patent, a trademark, a software, an industrial design or an associated know-how.

We assist you in enhancing the value of your intellectual property rights because we are convinced that they are tools for economic development and sustainability and of value creation.

Value-creation is the means to be strategically implemented, alongside experienced experts, to find a balance between your intellectual property and its market.

Whoever you are, as the holder of an IP right, and irrespective of your stage of development in matters of innovation projects, there is a value-creation strategy that meets your requirements.

  • What market must be addressed first?
  • How much is my patent, my trademark, my software worth?
  • My business does not possess the know-how for exploiting this patent; what do I do?
  • What is the solution to retain control of the business and still gain the capital required for the development of the innovation project?

Our consultants are at your service, with their experience and their technical, business or corporate backgrounds to offer options that can open doors, clear the way for certain situations, or accomplish the value-enhancement project for your innovation.

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