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PubliƩ le 30 June 2023

This is a major development for Brandon IP and the Brandon Group in general: we have recently joined forces with the law firm Rezac Law.


Brandon IP, intellectual property attorneys, and Brandon Valorisation, innovation consultants, have joined forces with Rezac Law to form a new group: Brandon Rezac.


Rezac Law a law firm specializing in intellectual property law, distribution/consumer law, marketing law and commercial contracts, in France and worldwide, since 1902.


This combination now enables us to support you in all your IP-related matters, from acquisition to the defense of your rights in the event of IP litigation.


Brandon Rezac also offers a wide range of skills in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, in France and abroad.

We are convinced that this partnership will benefit our customers by bringing together, in a single portal, the major services dedicated to IP and its economic and financial valuation.


To find out more about this new group:

And about Rezac Law:

Logo Brandon Rezac

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