PERFECTO : a clothing brand, not a garment !

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Publié le 27 November 2023

The PERFECTO zipped leather biker jacket has become an iconic product. From Marlon Brandon to fashion stars to the general public, it can be seen on every shoulder, worn in every circumstance, from the most rock’n’roll casual to the most glamorous sophistication on the catwalks of the major fashion houses.

But all too often, this success means that the PERFECTO name is associated only with this specific type of garment when in reality it is a brand of clothing in its entirety. It is therefore necessary to issue a reminder and make it clear that PERFECTO is a registered clothing brand, and that it is not possible to use this term as a common name to designate the famous jacket.

This is what the Paris Court of Appeal has just done. Referred to by Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois, of the law firm REZAC LAW – Groupe Brandon Rezac, the Court confirmed in September 2023 that the name does indeed designate a clothing line and not a particular type of jacket.

PERFECTO : une marque de vêtements, pas un vêtement !

Especially with the massive use of online sales, monitoring the use of trademarks has become a key element in ensuring their protection. It’s a mission that we regularly undertake for our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois Rezac Law

 Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois
 Lawyer, Partner at Rezac Law, Brandon Rezac Group

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