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The search for prior trademark or availability search is an essential step that must be carried out before filing and using a trademark.

Indeed, the simple filing or registration of a trademark with an Office does not guarantee a peaceful use thereof. Only a verification of existing prior rights can ensure that you are not infringing another trademark filed prior to yours.

As Offices are generally not responsible for checking that a trademark is available, you could apply for registration of a trademark close to a competitor’s without knowing it, and eventually have to face a difficult situation if they become aware of your trademark application (in case they have set up trademark watch, for example). Such situation could then prevent you from using your brand.

This is the reason why it is important to carry out a trademark availability search before any filing process.

Why call in an Intellectual Property attorney to carry out a trademark availability search?

First, because the Intellectual Property attorney is a professional in this field. Just as you rely on a specialized doctor to analyze medical examinations, it makes sense to rely on an Intellectual Property attorney to estimate the chances of success of your project.

Second, because the patent and trademark attorney has access to specific and up-to-date databases including detailed listings of trademarks.

He/she will select the relevant trademarks, both identical and similar to your project and issue an opinion based on current trademark case law and applicable law in the selected country or region.

Your Counsel will also add practical information about the use of the trademark and the owner’s activity.

He/she will finally give you an opinion and useful recommendations for the continuation of the trademark project.

Some examples:

  • My company hopes to develop a software development activity under the name POMME (“pomme” is the French translation for apple). Is this possible given the APPLE trademarks?
  • We want to sell cosmetic products using the VIVERE sign. Do we need to secure a prior LIBERE trademark?

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Note: some Offices provide services called “prior art searches”. It is only a listing of trademarks, without details of the activities concerned, and above all, without legal analysis. Accordingly, this document will not be usable. It is therefore essential to contact an Intellectual Property law firm for any prior art search process.

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