Our intellectual property training


BRANDON IP offers you training services for your teams in all subjects related to intellectual property. We have a training catalogue that ranges from awareness raising to more specific domains such as the GDPR or the value-enhancement of intangible assets, and we can also develop customised training courses.

We can handle any type of training in the domain of intellectual property on behalf of our clients.

The intellectual property attorneys of BRANDON IP are used to intervening and organising awareness raising sessions in several bodies: universities, research centres, associations, prestigious schools, businesses, etc.

We can offer you awareness raising workshops for your teams internally, on intellectual property in general or on certain more specific topics, such as: compliance with the GDPR, good practices in trademark use, judicial and legal current affairs, the financial valuation of your rights in order to raise funds, etc.

These training courses can be conducted in our premises or directly with the persons concerned, and generate written media that is communicated to you.

If necessary, we can also develop a customised programme together, based on your requests. Don’t hesitate to contact us for establishing a quotation for these specific services.

Alongside this, we have a duty as Intellectual Property attorneys to regularly organise free workshops at the French office (INPI) and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry for all questions related to industrial property.

In this respect, the CNCPI (Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle) has pledged to ensure better protection, from college or high school, aimed at future engineers, graphic designers, musicians, architects and designers, and participates in national think-tanks on the education of future generations.



Intellectual Property Services

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