Trademark watch

Once your trademarks are filed or registered, the intellectual property attorneys of BRANDON IP can help you to set up a watch over them, in order to detect any possible infringement.

Once the trademarks have been filed and registered, you have a monopoly over the sign associated with the activities described in the filing.

But if you do not monitor your trademarks, how would you know when a competitor exploits a similar name or sign and how can you oppose it?

In several countries and especially in France, it is not the duty of the Offices to verify that a trademark is available.

This means that trademarks that are identical or very similar to yours may be registered after yours without you being informed.

It is therefore the duty of the holder to ensure that no third party is harming his/her rights, and thus to monitor filings made after the registration of his/her trademark that may be identical or similar to it and which pertain to similar products and/or services.

As part of this service, we pledge to inform you in a timely manner about any third-party filing that is considered as similar to your rights, both in the sign and in the activities. Our added value as trademark attorneys is that we can offer you appropriate possibilities of action based on your portfolio.

The main interest of this service is that it can detect, at an early stage, any subsequent applications for third-party trademarks that are potentially harmful and we can block them by various means at our disposal.

In particular, it is possible to oppose a subsequent third-party trademark before the Office concerned. In fact, filing an opposition against a trademark (link) is a non-expensive and relatively rapid administrative procedure, contrary to lawsuits in courts.

The surveillance is executed territory-wise and it is generally recommended to monitor your trademark in the countries in which it is protected.


Dépôt de marque

Trademark watch

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