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Once trademarks have been filed or registered, Brandon IP’s intellectual property attorneys support you in setting up their watching in order to detect any possible reproduction or imitation by third parties and thus limit its negative impact on your business.

What is the interest in setting up a trademark watch?

Once the trademarks have been filed and registered, you have a monopoly on the sign associated with the activities designated in the application. Registering your trademarks therefore protects from competition by preventing third parties from using them for the same products or services.

But if the trademark is not watched, how do you know if a competitor is using a similar name or sign and how will you be able to oppose it? 


In many countries and in particular in France, it is not up to the Offices (French Trademark Office, etc.) to check that a trademark is available.
Therefore later trademarks which are identical or very similar to the one you hold may be registered without your knowledge.

It is therefore up to the owner to ensure that no third party infringes their rights and thus to watch the publications subsequent to the registration of their trademark which would be identical or similar and target similar goods or services. To be more efficient, it is advisable to be assisted by a professional in this field: an intellectual property attorney.

As part of our trademark watching service, we are committed to notify you in time of any third-party application considered to be similar to your rights, both in terms of the sign that is filed and the activities. Our added value as trademark attorneys is to offer you possibilities of action fitted to your portfolio, your activity and your budget.

The main interest of this service is to detect potentially overlapping subsequent third-party trademark applications in advance and block them at an early stage, by using the various means available (negotiation, opposition, legal action, etc.).

In particular, it is possible to file an opposition against a later third party trademark before the Office concerned (EUIPO, INPI for France). Opposing a trademark is an economical and relatively quick administrative procedure, unlike actions taken before the courts.

Trademark watch is carried out per territory and it is generally recommended to watch your trademark in all countries where it is protected.

Our specialized attorneys are at your disposal to answer all your questions about this topic.

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You have registered one or more trademarks and you want to be sure that there is no counterfeiting? Our team of attorneys and paralegals supports you and handles your trademark watches.

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