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Once the trademarks have been filed and registered, you have a monopoly over them, i.e. over the sign associated with the activities and products described in the filing.

You can also reserve domain names corresponding to your trademarks, with one or more extensions.

But if you do not monitor your domain names, how would you know when a competitor exploits a similar name and how can you oppose it? You also cannot fight against possible cybersquatters, who reserve domain names similar to yours in bad faith.

The watch of a domain name consists of monitoring a name that you own the rights to, in order to detect all domain names that are identical or similar or that integrate this name.

Surveillance is a service offered by Intellectual property attorneys firms.

It allows you to be notified in a timely manner about any fraudulent reservation by a third party that can be deemed as infringing on your rights.

The main interest of this service is to be able to file lawsuits for recovering or neutralising the fraudulent domain names.

In fact, once the frauds are detected, there are several possible action such as filing a complaint before the WIPO for generic domain names, referred to as a UDRP complaint; or filing a complaint before the AFNIC for domain names with .fr, such as SYRELI or PARL procedures.

In the context of the UDRP procedure, the holder of the disputed domain name must have acted in bad faith, must not hold any rights on the name composing the domain name, and must have no legitimate interest in reserving it.

Since these criteria are quite strict, the assistance of one of our IP attorneys can prove to be very useful. Consult us!


Domain name

Domain names watch

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