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Domain name audit or Due diligence

Audit of your domain name portfolio


BRANDON IP assists you in auditing your portfolios of industrial property rights.

The domain name audit allows correlating the actual use of the domain names that you exploit and the reality of your registrations.

In particular, it is an opportunity to:

  • Detect whether new reservations of domain names are necessary regarding new upcoming projects (dedicated mini-websites, product websites, etc.), and plan for additional processes
  • Identify the domain names that no longer have to be renewed because the corresponding projects are no longer relevant
  • Potentially decide on whether or not to renew these domain names, or license them out or transfer them

The audit also allows reporting on the development of the business’s activities and its prospects.


For example:

  • Identifying the reservations of domain names made as a preventive gesture on certain extensions, and executing strategic choices on whether or not to renew them
  • Updating the ownership of domain names in the case of business groups or mergers-acquisitions, or registering changes of address of businesses, etc.
  • Verifying whether the owned domain names are suited to the trademark portfolio
  • Verifying that the domain names correspond to the corresponding market (e.g. if you wish to exploit an activity in the Japanese market, it is preferable to have at least one domain name in
  • Reporting on newly released extensions. For example, if your activity is linked to a highly technological market, it is recommended to reserve the extension corresponding to this activity. A few examples are: .science, .mobi, .tech, .aero, .energy, .systems


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Domain name audit or Due diligence

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