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Notre équipes : paralégales

The paralegal assistants


A paralegal assistant is in charge of what we call legal administration. As indicated by the name, he/she helps the legal practitioners and engineers who specialize in intellectual property law.

In our firm, the assistant also handles the tasks of a normal secretary: noting appointments, updating the agenda, drafting letters, reports and minutes of meetings, as well as the responsibilities specific to him/her, such as the administrative aspects of legal processes: general management of deadlines and client dossiers, contact with the intellectual property offices and clients.

He/she especially intervenes in the creation and updating of the portfolio of rights and is in charge of the entire administrative monitoring of the dossier. For this, a software suited to the profession is used in order to continuously have an accurate overview of the surveillance of the various deadlines and client portfolios.

Regarding the preparation and formalities of submission, renewal and registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs in France and overseas, he/she must monitor all developments and the related formalities: monitoring of deadlines, agreements, replying to refusals and notifying irregularities to the Offices, issuance of rights, extensions, trademark watch, management of the invoicing for all these formalities. Before sending a reminder of a due date to the client, verification and research may be necessary on the client’s legal situation.

He/she must also ensure the management of domain names of clients, namely the reservation, monitoring and renewal with the service provider.

He/she also prepares the quotations, in collaboration with the legal practitioners or engineers, replies to client enquiries on the progress of their dossier or on more general questions.

This is a central post in which relations with clients and the different interveners play a significant role.

Nathalie HEPNER

Patent and annuities paralegal
Patent Assistant Certificate (CAB)
English spoken
To contact Nathalie: patent@brandon-ip.com


Patent and annuities paralegal
English spoken – habla español – ben Türkçe konuşuyorum – ես խոսում եմ հայերեն
To contact Anais: patent@brandon-ip.com


Trademark and design paralegal
English spoken
To contact Anais: trademark@brandon-ip.com


The paralegal assistants


Notre équipes : paralégales
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