Anniversary: 30 years of collaboration!

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Publié le 22 January 2021


In November 2020, Anne Lévy, CEO of Brandon IP and Michel Lévy, CEO of Brandon Valorisation celebrated the 30th anniversary of their collaboration.

The opportunity to review the history of the Brandon Group and the two firms that make it up.

Beyond the family ties that unite them, it is also the unique combination between an intellectual property law firm and a consulting firm in the economic and financial valuation of innovation.

The Brandon Group thus responds optimally to the needs of companies, SMEs, start-ups and project leaders.

A complementary and effective partnership


In 30 years of collaboration, several hundred companies and project leaders from all fields have been supported, thousands of patents and trademarks have been filed and are handled by Brandon IP. And also several tens of millions of euros valued by Brandon Valorisation.


30 years of collaboration also represent many moments of knowledge sharing, in particular with students from several entrepreneurial fields, to enable them to understand intellectual property and valuation and to help them carry out their innovative projects. These are our PEPITE workshops.


30 years of collaboration, dozens of partnerships initiated with incubators, competitiveness clusters, entities specializing in business development or innovation financing and other consulting firms with complementary activities. To support start-ups throughout their innovation process, from the start until reaching the entrepreneur’s final objective of creating value.


Finally, 30 years of collaboration means the symbiotic development of the two firms thanks to the involvement of dozens of engineers, attorneys and consultants specializing in various fields, enabling the Group to meet all requests.


A story that comes together


While the two firms now work closely together, they have a different story.

Brandon was born in 1991. After more than 20 years at the head of an industrial company with more than 60 employees, Michel Lévy used his experience and decided to create a business based on innovation services.

He was quickly joined by his daughter, Anne Lévy, a graduate from a business school, and both took up the challenge of developing a pioneering and innovative valuation activity in France!


It quickly becomes clear that valuing innovation requires intellectual property skills. The project is simple: acquire an intellectual property law firm to create a unique service association. The choice fell on Office Blétry, founded in 1866 under the name BLETRY FRERES that became Brandon IP. It is one of the oldest IP law firms in France.

Anne Lévy then undertakes a new course and obtains the qualification of Trademark Attorney and European counsel.


Today, the combination of these skills is therefore represented by Brandon Valorisation for valuation advice and by Brandon IP for intellectual property advice, within a single group: Group Brandon.

The originality and the scope of our services, on the one hand, the rigor and constant listening to the opinion of our customers on the other, allow us to complete our services and reassure us every day in our choice to combine unite intellectual property and development.

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