Audit or Due diligence

Audit of your trademark portfolio


BRANDON IP assists you in auditing your portfolios of intellectual property rights.

The trademark audit, for example, is an opportunity to correlate the actual use of the trademarks that you exploit and the reality of your filed rights. In particular, it is an opportunity to:

  • Detect signs that are exploited but not filed, or exploited in certain countries but not protected in these countries, and to come up with additional strategies, particularly securing
  • Identify the trademarks that are no longer used even though they are renewed, which constitutes an unjustified cost item
  • Potentially decide to either abandon these trademarks or to resume their use or license them out, etc.


The audit also allows reporting on the development of the business’s activities and its prospects.

For example:

  • Identifying “duplicates” of protection covering the same territory (protection of a trademark twice: as a French trademark and as a European trademark);
  • Updating the descriptions of trademarks if the business’s activity has extended to more products and services than those initially covered;
  • Revealing superfluous or insufficient filing (with or without logo, with logos that changed over time and the older versions of which are no longer in use, etc.)
  • Updating the ownership of filing in the case of business groups or mergers-acquisitions, or registering changes of address of businesses, etc.


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Audit or Due diligence

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