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Selling a license of a patent, trademark, or any other intellectual property right


Investing in intellectual property rights can generate significant income! Protecting your inventions, names and logos enables you to benefit from exclusive rights, giving you a monopoly. This strategy also enables you to grant licenses in protected countries, thus generating additional income through royalties.

To determine the value of a license, we can assist you, in collaboration with our partner firm Brandon Valorisation, experts in the valuation of intangible assets. A valuation study takes into account various factors such as the quality of the patent, trademark or registered design, the industrial or service sector, the competitive landscape and the lifespan of the technology contained in the patent or software. It is crucial to defining a fair and well-founded license value.

We generally recommend structuring license remuneration with an initial fee and royalties, which can be fixed or variable. We can of course support and advise you in these negotiations and draft the contract that will bind you to the licensee.

To set a license price, it is essential to carry out a brief study of the value of the patent, associated know-how, software, or trademark, including:

  • Validation of the quality of the IP right by an Intellectual Property Attorney
  • Market survey analysis.


These preliminary steps are also necessary when acquiring patents, software, trademarks or other intellectual property rights as part of a business diversification strategy. Approaching licensing agreements without proper evaluation can jeopardize the achievement of “peaceful” exploitation.


The Brandon Rezac Group, comprising Brandon IP (Intellectual Property Attorneys), Rezac Law (Lawyers) and Brandon Valorisation (Valuation Consultants) can provide you with the expertise you need to acquire or transfer an operating license.

Licensing as a way of making your intellectual property investments profitable

Protecting your inventions with patents can represent a significant cost, especially when extending protection to multiple countries. This expense should be considered as an investment, with a view to profitability. In addition to exploiting in—house inventions or trademarks, we can support you in setting up an indirect exploitation strategy through licensing in the countries covered by your patents or other IP rights.

Licenses may take various forms, for example exclusive or non-exclusive. Depending on the circumstances, this could involve marketing or production licenses in which you, as the rights holder, would be responsible for building and managing the distribution network.

It is important to note that licensing remuneration varies according to the type of license granted. We work with you to determine the most appropriate royalty rate and up-front fee based on the line of business, the quality of the patent or trademark, and its value.

Why choose Brandon Rezac?

Whether you are a start-up, a small- or a mid-sized company, a larger industrial company or a research center, Brandon Rezac is your partner for the protection of your creations, helping you to assess the economic and financial value of your intangible assets and to define an exploitation strategy tailored to your needs, your sector of activity and the specific features of your company.

For international licensee searches, Brandon Rezac provides its network of more than 200 partners worldwide. We have been offering this service to clients of all sizes and in all sectors since 1991.

These missions, which involve searching and setting up licensing agreements worldwide, are among the many services offered by Brandon Rezac. Negotiations prior to the conclusion of these agreements are handled by our teams and are based on customized remuneration terms, including a success-based component, adapted to the specific characteristics of each company. Sharing risk is one of Brandon Rezac’s core values!

Protecting your patents, trademarks and know-how as well as their economic and financial valuation require the expertise of reputable and responsible specialists. Brandon Rezac is at your service to support you in these endeavors and in all the expert services we offer in connection with intellectual property, its defense, valuation and monetization.

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