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Patent prior art search


You wish to protect your invention, but first, are you sure that it is novel?

Before beginning the formalities of drafting and filing a patent application, it is essential to ensure that your invention is a priori patentable. Without this, filing the patent application may prove unfruitful. No doubt you have conducted your own research by your own means regarding the prior art, but it may still be better to leave this to the expertise of our patent engineers (lien), who will assist you in this process and carry out a clearance search.

Our engineers are experienced and possess all the necessary tools for ensuring a targeted search in the patent databases, which will help reveal opposable documents (or prior art) that are more or less similar to the object that you wish to protect. However, it should be noted that despite all due diligence conducted in this service, no prior art search can be considered to be exhaustive for reasons that are out of our control.

Execution of the search:

With the information that you provide, the patent engineer defines a search strategy and alongside you, defines the international classifications and key words used to ensure the relevance of the search. Once executed, there may be a large number of documents that the engineer will sort through in order to present to you, in his/her report, the documents considered to be the most relevant and the closest to your invention, as well as the conclusions drawn therefrom.

Also, after this search, you will have a greater overview of the prior art so that together, we can define your filing strategy.


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Prior art search

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