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Challenges of value creation

Patents and trademarks can quickly become a cost item. In France, only a third of filed patents are actually exploited!
In light of this, how can one transform intellectual property into a valuable, income-generating asset?

This is a strategic challenge for businesses.

Are you a start-up, a SME, a university, a public or private laboratory, holding industrial property rights?
Have you created a new product? Do you own a trademark or a patent? Are you uncertain on how to optimise its exploitation and are unable to identify the most profitable route for your business activity? Or, do you wish to bank on innovation to develop your business, which is already operational?

We can help you to define and implement a suitable strategy, in France and overseas, through personalized services that meet your requirements.


Through our offer of value-added services, we can walk alongside you as a strategic partner in the development of your business by innovation.

    • value-creation strategy and intellectual property
    • financial valuation study of the patent, trademark, software, etc.
    • operating strategy
    • economic value-enhancement
    • raising awareness in your teams


Because we consider patents, trademarks, software and other intellectual property rights to be assets with the sole purpose of creating value for the company, we have the responsibility to respond to the needs of our clients and to their strategic concerns.

To enhance the value of your IP investments, the firm has established a close partnership with Brandon Valorisation, consultants for value-creation in innovation and industrial property, in order to guarantee even more pertinent advice for you.

Our teams of consultants are at your service to find out about and assess the characteristics and challenges of your innovation project.