WIPO PROOF : WIPO’s service to prove the existence of an intellectual asset

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Publié le 6 November 2020


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a new online service: WIPO PROOF. As the name suggests, it is about providing proof of the existence of an electronic file, whatever its content, at a given moment.


The principle consists of creating a time-stamped imprint of the digital file to be protected, making it possible to certify the existence of the electronic file at a given time and to make the date of creation indisputable, so as to avoid or limit disputes on this basis.


According to the WIPO, proof of creation is unalterable and tamper-proof and adapts to any data, regardless of its original format.


The target of this new service: innovators and creators, WIPO wishing to help them take verifiable measures to preserve their creations, throughout the process.


Information that may be protected are trade secrets, research results, data sets, artificial intelligence algorithms, scripts, musical scores and other creations of commercial value. This service is therefore dedicated to all types of creations, including artistic ones.


To learn more : https://www.wipo.int/wipoproof/en/

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