The interest of surveillance (or) to watch is to protect

Publié le 19 May 2021

Like you insure your car, watching your brand or domain name is your insurance.

Watching your mark or domain name means protecting your heritage!

Watching your mark will allow you to detect potentially conflicting later applications. Conflicting because competitors can take advantage of the reputation of your mark or domain name which can therefore be devalued. Conflicting because a risk of confusion may exist and bypass your customers.

How does the watch service work and why entrust it to our firm?

We sort through all the occurrences identified and only provide you with the marks and domain names that we deem relevant, along with a strategic recommendation.

It is therefore a considerable time saving since the selection and strategic thinking are carried out by our firm. All you have to do is give us your instructions for action.

How to watch your marks?

By subscribing to an annual subscription at a competitive price, all marks and/or domain names identical or similar to yours, registered where applicable for identical or similar products and services, will be identified. It is advisable to watch your mark and domain name in current areas of activity but also in future areas of interest.

Please do not hesitate to consult us on this matter.

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