The first sound trademark filed in France

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Publié le 15 January 2020


Since the transposition of the Trademark Package, it is possible to file at the French Trademark Office (INPI) sound, olfactory or taste marks.

The first application for a non-traditional mark was filed on December 26, 2019. It is a sound mark, composed of an audio file.


It designates goods in class 9, in particular apparatus for the transmission of sound or its reproduction. It is also accompanied by the following description “Or-ion is a sound that raises the vibratory rate of all matter and it is an energetic harmonize (sic)”.

Published in January, the trademark is not yet registered. It will be interesting to follow the process, and ultimately, to know the INPI trends to appreciate their distinctiveness.

Remember that such trademarks already exist at the European level.

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