The European Patent Office looks into the valuation of patents

PubliƩ le 22 January 2021

The European Patent Office (EPO) recently published the results of its study “Valuation of scientific results – Dashboard of commercial exploitation of patents: European universities and public research organizations”.

The main conclusion of this study: the European patent is a major tool for universities and public research organizations to commercially exploit their inventions. More than a third (36%) of inventions are already being exploited and in 42% of cases exploitation is planned in the short term.

The study also confirms that licensing remains the preferred operating model (concerns 70% of inventions), followed by R&D cooperation (14%) and the sale of patents (9%).

However, two thirds of the inventions of these universities and public research institutes are not (yet) commercialized. According to the study, the main reasons are that they have not yet reached the concept validation stage and are still in the development stage (63%), or that business opportunities have not yet been identified (55 %). The other reasons are the inability to find interested partners (38%) and insufficient resources (25%). These aspects are particularly problematic for the countries of southern and eastern Europe.

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