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Publié le 19 April 2019

People around you have one and only topic of conversation, your employees take days-off on broadcasting days ? Guess what we talking about ? The final season of Game of Thrones obviously.

Be safe, this news does not contain any spoiler. We do not know who will end on the iron throne, but we have looked at the characters and their ability to inspire trademark creators.

Between the Lannister and Targaryen houses, the relations are not good. Somehow, the Spanish company Plantas Continental decided to create rose varieties bearing their names. The trademarks LANNISTER and TARGARYEN are registered since 2015 before the EUIPO in class 31 for “rose variety”.

If you ask us, we would like to see Daenerys on the throne. As a matter of fact, aside from the DAENERYS TARGARYEN trademark owned by HBO, there is a French company and trademark DAENERYS CONSEIL for services in classes 35 and 41 since 2016. The name has also been chosen for pesticides and fertilizers from a Hong Kong based company Rottam Agrochem before the EUIPO.

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