Overview of the French FICPI Group regarding its charter

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Publié le 4 January 2017

The IP Excellence Charter system – which Bletry is an initiator and signatory since its implementation – includes a yearly self assessment process of the firms to enable to take stock of their strenghts and weaknesses in order to better move forward and always offer the best quality advice to their clients.

The overview of all the member firms of the Charter has interestingly revealed, for instance :

–          Satisfaction issue : most firms organize IP awareness actions in addition to the permanences at the French Patent & Trademark Office

–          Alert issue : 46% of the firms did not implement the secured backup of their data yet and almost half of them do not offer any service related to business intelligence.

Blétry is not affected by these alert issues : on the one hand, the backup of all data is secured and  outsourced, and on the other hand, the partnership in place with L.BRANDON enables us to offer strategic services as a complement to IP.

Such quality approach appears as a value to expand and use.

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