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Publié le 28 October 2021

What is the best security strategy to adopt when launching a new logo?

On the one hand, to carry out an availability search among the marks in the envisaged territory. Artificial intelligence now allows a detailed analysis of prior logos and your intellectual property attorney will be able to best recommend you what to do with pre-existing marks.

It would also be preferable to carry out a documentary search among copyright. This is more complicated and can never be fully exhaustive.

A copyright on a similar creation could indeed be opposed to you, as is currently the case for the Californian company The North Face, which launched in 2019 its new concept Futurelight associated with this logo:

But, at the start of the year, street artist Futura sued The North Face for infringing its copyright on its “atom” motif. Although the company defends its position and claims not to be counterfeiting, it has however announced the gradual disappearance of the logo.

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