Jeff Koons sentenced in France for copyright infringement

Jeff Koons
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Publié le 2 March 2020


In a judgment of December 17, 2019 the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the 2017 trial judgment that the sculpture Naked by Jeff Koons infringed the copyright of French photographer Jean-François Bauret.

The company Jeff Koons LLC and the Pompidou Center which exhibited the contested work were ordered to pay 20,000 euros in damages to the beneficiaries of the photographer, who died in 2014.
Koons’ sculpture depicted two standing naked children, a boy and a girl on a heart-shaped plinth, covered with flowers.

The representation of the two works side by side indeed shows great resemblances.

The sculptor is not at his first conviction on the matter, accused on several occasions of plagiarism and condemned for the third time in France.

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