How to use China in the patent strategy of your company

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Publié le 12 January 2020


Most companies take into account the Chinese market in their filing strategy, even if they do not have business in this country.

For companies in the digital and artificial intelligence fields, the choice of filing patents in this country may be relevant. This is the case if the patent application relates to software, in particular for a first patent application.

Indeed, the patent system is particularly liberal with regard to examining the patentability of computer-implemented inventions. This is all the more interesting since in Europe, the protection of software by patent remains difficult and that in the United States, the practice has become much more restrictive since the Bilski and Alice decisions.

In addition, reforms have been undertaken by the Chinese administration to facilitate access to the patent and speed up the grant procedure. In some highly competitive areas, it may be strategic to obtain a patent application quickly.

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