PubliƩ le 24 January 2024

This term refers to the observance of good practices specific to each trade or profession. Many professions are governed by rules of professional conduct. For intellectual property attorneys, these rules are set out in article L.422-11 of the French Intellectual Property Code (CPI), as well as in the internal regulations of the association governing practitioners holding the title of Intellectual Property Attorney conferred by the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

According to article L.422-11 of the French Intellectual Property Code: “In all matters and for all services mentioned in article L.422-1, the intellectual property attorney shall observe professional secrecy. This secrecy extends to consultations addressed or intended for his client, to professional correspondence exchanged with his client, a colleague or a lawyer, to interview notes and, more generally, to all file documents.”

Our code of ethics stipulates that we are accountable to our clients, must observe professional secrecy, and refrain from conflicts of interest.


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