No monopoly on the name « calisson »

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Publié le 3 August 2018

A strange dispute took place this summer around the small well-known confectionery, made with candied melon and marzipan.

In 2016, a Chinese citizen, Ye Chulin, filed as a trademark in China the name “Calisson of Aix en Provence” and the equivalent in Mandarin “Kalisong”. The Calisson Manufacturers’ Union of Aix mobilized to block this registration, including trying to protect the name as a protected geographical indication. Despite various political attempts, the operation failed.

However, Ye Chulin did not succeed, as his trademark was simply rejected by the Chinese Trademark Office for lack of distinctive character and potentially misleading as to the origin of the goods.

The name calisson is saved, no trademark granted to an unauthorized third party!


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