Brexit: how to make the right decisions

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PubliƩ le 22 January 2021


We were all in a hurry to see 2020 end, but December 31 also marked the end of the transition period for the Brexit procedure.

What questions should you ask yourself to calmly face this new step ?


  • If your Community trademarks and designs are registered

The UK Office will automatically proceed with the creation of equivalent national marks for the territory of the UK. It is only recommended to assign a UK attorney. This can be done without a date limit.


  • If your Community trademarks and designs are not yet registered by December 31, 2020 it is necessary, however, to apply for comparable protection in the United Kingdom, and this will be possible for a period of 9 months.

We can of course help you take stock of your affected rights if the UK is of interest to you.


  • For renewals, any designs or trademarks which expire after January 1, 2021 must be renewed with both the European Union Office and the UK Office.


The European patent system is unaffected by Brexit.


We are at your disposal to discuss all these options.

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