Artificial intelligence : the new Eldorado

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Publié le 25 January 2018

Artificial Intelligence has become unavoidable and all professions are now concerned, even those where subjectivity is important.

Many companies develop new solutions in very diversified fields, and some big groups have created associations to define an ethical “good practices” guide, such as Partnership on Ai created by Google / Facebook/ Microsoft/ Ibm and Apple or Opean AI with Elon Musk.

In France, Cedric Villany, deputy of the majority shall render an information mission report on AI, knowing that France owns excellent research scientists in this field. One of the major issues will be the coordination of knowledges and information, as AI concerns several specialized areas.

And to end with an anecdote if it one ? Facebook forced to switch off its AI because it invented its owns language, some talking about “panic” amongst the network engineers.

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